Debahuti & Riten

Initially, I was uncertain about the pre-wedding concept, as I wanted to avoid clichéd elements like gowns and sarees. Finding a photographer who could grasp my vision for the pre-wedding shoot was a challenge. Fortunately, I connected with "Mousam Pictures," and the magic they infused into our shoot was truly enchanting. They not only understood my ideas but also added their own incredible touch.

What sets them apart is the authenticity they bring. It's truly the best. If you're someone uncomfortable in front of the camera, trust me, both Rasmita and Mousam make the experience so relaxing and camera-friendly. They turned our pre-wedding into something truly extraordinary. Thank you you guys ❤️

Prinsa & Rahul

Dada, thank you so much! I love the way 😍 you captured every essence of the wedding in such an enchanting manner. Your presence was everywhere, capturing every moment without being intrusive.

Everyone looks fantastic 🤩 in the pictures, and you've captured most of the unexpected moments that will be treasured for a lifetime. We appreciated that the photos and videos didn't look staged, fake, or cliché. The key thing was that you made us laugh, even when we were tired, resulting in great photos. Keep up the good work! You rock, Mousam Pictures 💫

Once again, thank you very much! 🙏🏻✨

Apoorba & Sankalp

We enjoyed every bit of it. Can't thank you enough, @Mousam Pattanaik, for turning our pre-wedding into a memorable one 🥰❤️💫✨

A special thank you to Mousam Da for putting so much effort into finding such amazing locations in Odisha. Your photography truly creates magic. We had a lovely and enjoyable time. Looking forward to a gala time at the wedding with you guys 🥂

Vishaka & Yash

Even before I thought that wedding is in cards for me, knew that its going to be Mousam & his team who will do my wedding. No matter when I get married, it will be him. have been in love with his work & followed his work for the longest time. He had also shot me before, so I knew his style of working. Even though I met the team for the first time at the wedding, I was surprised how comfortable they made me feel. They didn't feel like outsiders. They were like friends. They dances with us, enjoyed with us. They became a part of the family. They weren't like vendors who were just here to shoot. You can't shoot with people you aren't comfortable with. These getting ready shots and the bidai, etc are affairs where you wouldn't like random people hovering around you & clicking you when you're crying. We also had a same day edit video that played at the reception. Everyone was tongue tied. WE LOVED IT!

Nikita & Tejash

All the pictures are beautiful and will be cherished for a lifetime.

I lost count of how many times you said, "Don't look at the camera" 😂.

You and your team did a great job capturing these lovely, funny and super candid moments. Thank you so much for everything! 😊😊