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What is your pricing?

Most of the budgeting variables depend upon the size and type of the wedding. Each wedding film is customisable - No two weddings are alike, and the cost of your wedding photography and films depends entirely on the scope of work. The cost also depends upon the size of crew and is inclusive of other services. Added services such as a personalised soundtrack, 360 videos, aerial videography, on-site edits and any other special requirements would be an additional cost. Customised packages are available on request, for which we need to know more about your story, your vision for your wedding & the list, flow and guest size of the wedding celebrations. Write to us and we'll do our best to make it work for you.

How do we secure our wedding date with you ?

Since we personally handle EVERY aspect of our wedding photography & cinematic film output, we are only able to take up between 15 to 20 weddings a year. Irrespective of how much or how less your film may cost, its a 'first come-first serve' world. A signed contract and a deposit will secure your date in our calendar.

Do you offer same-day edits ?

We do Indeed !Your wedding is undeniably one of the most significant milestones in your life.Having a same-day-edit wedding video allows you to see and relive all the special moments of your big day while still celebrating your big day! This won’t only make you and your partner happy, but it will also make your loved ones and guests feel the same joy you felt in those very moments. This video is shown to guests during the reception to help relive some of the moments of the past few hours. It usually only goes for a minute or two. Keep in mind that this would involve additional resources and coordination, so we would need to discuss the specific details and feasibility based on your preferences and the nature of the event.

When can I expect all the deliverables ?

The creative process of visual storytelling takes time. Expect a turnaround of 2-3 months for your beautifully styled images. You could get a trailer Video on the very day of your wedding, or depending on how busy we've been... The feature film could take us between two to three months to create whereas the mini-series could take 1 to 1 and a half months. But we've been told it's worth the wait!

How long are your wedding films ?

The amount of ‘heart’ at the wedding eventually determines its length. The duration of the film is dependent on many factors including the structure of events at the wedding and the kind of memory you want. We have made wedding films that are anywhere between 2-90 minutes. To know more contact us.

Can you accelerate the delivery process ?

For those eager to revisit their memories sooner, we offer an expedited 3-week turnaround service.

How many photos do we get from a wedding photographer ?

Again, this is unique to every photographer’s personal take on wedding photography. There are some who shoot for volume, and some who shoot very restrictively. We deliver between 200-600 images a day depending on the size & scope of the wedding & size of the team shooting.

How many team members should I expect at my wedding ?

There are weddings we have shot as a two member team - just Mousam & Rasmita. And then there are weddings where we’ve shot as a 12 member team.

It all depends on what is happening at your wedding, how it is logistically planned, etc. For an average Indian wedding (approx 300 guests), we suggest a team size of 6-8 members. However, the team size has to be tailored to your coverage expectations. We do not like to overwhelm a wedding with our team's presence, so we will suggest the optimum size when we understand more about your wedding.

What if I want to hire you only for photo or video only from my side of the family and the groom’s side is having a separate team ?

We do not take up assignments where we have to work for one side (bride or groom) and another team is covering the 'other side'. We tried it a couple of times in the past, but we always experienced that the value we could have added got affected due to two reasons 1.The bride and groom had to split their time (whatever limited time they did have) between two teams
2.Since our team believes in an unobtrusive method of coverage, it is always difficult working with another team who believes otherwise
If you’re choosing one team entirely for the wedding film, and us for photography, then that works.

Since you’re based in Mumbai, are you limited by geography when it comes to shoots ?

Absolutely not! We love to travel. We have shot across the country. We can traverse the world to document your love, wherever it takes us.

Do you do other assignments apart from weddings and portrait sessions ?

Yes, you can write to us with details and we can send you the relevant commercial portfolio. We've worked in categories like corporates, food, product, real estate, interiors. We are always happy to collaborate on diverse projects.

Is there anything I can do to help you make awesome pictures & videos for my wedding ?

Focus on what is important to you, and how you would like to remember your day.
Celebrate the love at your wedding, absorb as much of it as you can, and share it with everyone around.
Of course, good, clean lighting always helps.
If you want to have portraits at every function, make time for them when you're fresh & looking your best.